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    Adjusting the page information in pdf presets?



      Is there a way to adjust the information in the "Page information" when creating pdf-files from Indesign (i.e. in the pdf presets)?


      As you know the defalt is file name and page number and date and time. I would like to include total page number, like page 1/100 or page 1 (100) or something like that.


      Does anyone know if I can adjust the page information area to include things like this?


      With kind regards,

      - Johan.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          The normal information can not be adjusted.

          But write you own information in the information part of the page. Set it up with information.

          I don't know the label for the English version, in German it is called "Infobereich", meaning "Information area".


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            In English it's called the Slug.


            I'm not sure, though, that it will help you because there is still no easy way to get the absolute page x of n pages automatically. There are page number markers that deliver the current LOGICAL page number, and a Last Page Number text variable, which in theory can be set to use absolute page numbering, but you must also set the document prefs to use absolute numbering, and then you get logical page x of absolute n, which may work for you if your sections are all using unique number styles, or you have only one section, or you can set the doc to use Section Numbering, and set the variable to use sections as the scope and your variable will return the last page number of each section, so you get logical page x of section length n. If you don't start the section on page 1, it becomes even stranger.