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    Media Cache location settings not working?

    JeffC Level 1

      In PPCC I was able to successfully set my Media Cache location in


      Preferences > Media


      to my external hard drive. But since upgrading to PPCC2014, the media cache builds new files in the default location


      Users > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Common


      no matter what location I choose in Preferences > Media


      I can't stop it from building those files there, and with a large project such as the one I'm on that collection of files is then divided between the two locations and it gets messy. Also, PPCC2014 often hangs on building those cache files in the Common folder.


      My Project > Scratch Disks settings are also set to my external drive, so nothing is pointing to that internal location. The checkbox for "Save media files next to originals when possible" is not checked.


      Any ideas? Many thanks!!