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    new 5K retina iMac and slow performance in the Develop module


      The Develop module operation are slow on the new 5K retina iMac.  This machine has the 4.0 GHz processor and upgraded GPU with 32GB RAM.  It should be very fast, and in fact for operations such as import, export, and preview creation it is.  But for Develop module functions it is much slower than my Macbook Pro Retina.  When moving adjustment sliders, there is a delay of a second or more before the effect is seen on screen.  The same operation on the other computers is nearly instantaneous. (All Lightroom 5.7)

      Only if I start Lightroom in the lower resolution (changed in the general settings of the App), then it is also fine on the 5K retina iMac.

      Any suggestions from Adobe???