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    adobe premiere elements 13 does not run




      I bought adobe photoshop and premiere elements 13 and installed first of all adobe premiere on my laptop with windows 8. Every time I start the program it tells me to register the program and to accept the therms and conditions of adobe. After I ACCEPTED THEM NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS; THE PROGRAM STOPS SOMEHOW????


      I reinstalled the program, I registered the Program directly at the homepage, nothing solved the problem...


      Heeeeeeeelp me please!!!!!!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please go through the Premiere Elements 12 troubleshooting for this type of problem and determine if any of it works for you with your Premiere Elements 13 issue.


          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Sign In Failure (Connect to Internet or Fix Computer Clock)


          Does your problem exist with and without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?

          Are you running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?

          Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements?

          Are you working with a pen and tablet rather than a mouse?

          Video card/graphics card up to date according to web site of manufacturer of the card? Please confirm video card/graphics

          card information in Device Manager/Display Adapters - one or two cards?


          We will be watching for more details and then decide how best to proceed.


          Thank you.



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            Gemux Level 1

            Hy ATR,


            thank you for your Support, I have followed now all the Instructions I have found under your links, I still have the same Problem. Every Time I try to start the program I have to sign in to my Adobe-Account. After that I have to agree to the therms and conditions of Adobe and then....nothing els happens. I Installed the Program 3 times now, did not help either...

            I am just a Software User, no IT-specialist or programmer. This goes far beyond my Computer and nearly beyond my english skills.

            • The Problem exists with and without the antivirus and Firewall disabled (avast)
            • I do run the program from a Administrators account
            • I have newly installed the latest quick time.
            • I work with a normal Compaq LAPTOP 1,72 GHZ and 2 GB RAM Windows 8.
            • The Laptop has a Radeon RT2 Graphic Card, I also updated the Software for it.


            Total Configuration (German):

            Windows 8.1 64, AMD Dual Core E1-6010 APU mit

            Radeon R2 Grafikkarte (1,35 GHz, 1 MB Cache),

            DDR3L SDRAM mit 2 GB und

            1333 MHz (1 x 2 GB), 500 GB 5400 U/min SATA,


            Is it possible, that earlier installed Video-Editing-software programs which I have already withdrawn still have an affect on this?

            Years ago I had Problems using first Magix and then Ulead video-cutting Software - maybe there is still a Problem like this. One of my friends fixed it.


            Thanks in advance for your further Support.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply. While reading through it, I was struck by

              I work with a normal Compaq LAPTOP 1,72 GHZ and 2 GB RAM Windows 8.


              The processor clock speed is low, but look at the installed RAM of 2 GB. I suspect much too low.  If you have high definition project with video compression like AVCHD, you should be in for major problems even if you get the program to open. So, this is a major concern even at the level of trying to get the program to open in that computer environment. How many RAM slots does your computer motherboard have? Can you get at least 4 to 8 GB total installed RAM?


              True, your Premiere Elements 13 is a 64 bit application running on Windows 8.1 64 bit and it can take advantage of the 64 bit resources. But you do not appear

              to have much 64 bit resources for this to be a positive factor.


              With regard to a possible factor that you mentioned...


              If you suspect leftovers from previously uninstalled program(s), it is a good idea to go through the scenario

              a. uninstall the program the usual control panel way

              b. do a free ccleaner run through to get rid of leftovers from incomplete installs and reinstalls

              CCleaner - Download

              c. reinstall the program with the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled.


              Please review and consider. And, then we can discuss the above factors further.


              Thank you.