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    Switching from P.C. to Mac, need assistance in insuring that catalog transitions smoothly.

    mike fountain

      I am making the transition from a P.C. to a fully loaded Mac.


      I have kept my catalogs and finished galleries on my Drobo Raid Array, which of course will need to be reformatted in order to work correctly with the Mac OS.  I have transfered 4TB or so of my photographs in their folders to another external drive to not only back up, but also allow me to put them back into place once the Drobo is reformatted.


      Once I transfer the folder back, re-install and update Lightroom, will the last Catalog saved be able to recall all of the previously saved edits and images correctly as they relate to the Drobo?  I'm not entirely sure how the MAC OS will see the Drobo and thus, may change the drive letter or address which more than likely will confuse the catalog in locating the proper photos?


      Any help or advice in making this transition happen as smoothly as possible would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You,