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    Iwicpantrrhifaa Level 1

        I consider the day that Macromedia was bought by Adobe to be a rather tragic day in software.   I stopped using Adobe Reader about 3-4 years ago.   I actively discourage people from using it.

      It was pretty much the constant updates that did it.   The updates you always assumed had a purpose because you rarely saw a difference, unless it was losing something you liked.

      Flash is a little different, not many alternatives.   So when I have an update problem, this is the thought that goes through my head.    I hate your $%   &*(   F*****G company.   And I do.

      I don't know what year Adobe is living in, they probably think the future, but download speeds and sizes are not really a problem for me.   In addition, many companies on their download pages offer the full installation package just in case, in their infinite development mindset, they realize that sometimes installation helper files can't retrieve the rest of the installation file.

      And then to top it all off and make my experience a lasting one, I get to register for an account with a company I don't even like.

      Let me ask, is the full installation package, which I inevitably download anyway,

      and inevitably stored somewhere, available anywhere.

      Brian K Mcclung

      BKM Engineering