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    List of problems in PPRO CC 2014 I've encountered

    Vandacorp Level 1

      Suggested by Adobe Care to post here.


      Issues in PPRO

      -General encoder issues where a render will stop part way through without a detailed description of whats happened.
      -Play head in the timeline becomes unstable when scrolling with the mouse - timeline bounces around when zooming in.
      -Red flash frames have been appearing when using the multi cam feature. Clearing the cache does nothing and restarting computer/PPro fixes for a short moment but the red flash frames always come back. The red frames appear in the render as well if rendering straight out of PPRO. Ways to counter the red flash frame is to import the sequence into AME and render that way.
      -PPRO occasionally believes a file is frozen and will not play it properly or render it out. source file is fine and plays without a problem and even renders/encodes no problems when put into AME. Even if you remove the file from PPRO and then relink it, PPRO still believes that the file is frozen/unplayable. The work around is to transcode the file in AME to something else and replace the source file in PPRO.
      -When zooming into the timeline the green audio waveform often disappears and then comes back after a moment. Bit difficult to pin point a specific beat to cut when the waveform is gone.
      -Using masks with multiple effects for one video file will often cause the program viewer to make the video appear as though it has shifted partially off the screen to the right and down. Turning off the effects will bring the video back into the center of the program viewer.    

      -Can no longer copy or move multiple files in multiple bin at the same time. Previously I could select a file in 'BIN A' and a different file in 'BIN B' at the same time and move them together to 'BIN C' but now I have to moves each file individually.
      -Importing bulk R3D or MXF folders with spanned clips no longer registers that the clips are spanned which means there are lots of extra folders with multiple duplicate clips getting imported. There is a work around where you can import the spanned clips properly but involves individually importing only one target folder at a time. Which is incredibly time consuming when you have a very large number of folders all with spanned R3Ds. Previous versions of CC prior to 2014 allowed bulk importing of spanned clips via the top folder had zero issues.

      Issue in AE/AME
      I have also encountered a strange issue when exporting a video using AME which was added from AE.
      -I rendered a file from PPRO using AME which had zero issues - no flash frames. Imported it into AE and ran some Noise reduction over it and then added it to the media encoder so I could encode it as H.264 -  The project in AE with NR had no flash frames. Once AME was finished with the render I played back the newly created file and noticed a flash frame where a single frame of video from the 5 min mark had been dropped right into another part of the video 7 mins down the line. The AE project had one file in the timeline and on further inspection did not have any random single frames floating around which would have caused the issue.



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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi Vandacorp,

          Thanks for the detailed post. Can you give us more details about your system? For example, I don't even know if you have a Mac or PC. Check out this FAQ:

          FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?


          Also, a number of people that simply updated their projects to Premiere Pro CC 2014.1 (8.1) from the previous version have exhibited problems. Was this a project that you updated or is this a brand new project?




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            Vandacorp Level 1

            Hi Kevin thank for replying,


            The projects have all been built brand new in the most recent versions of PPRO and AE.

            i7 3930K
            Windows 8.1
            32GB Ram
            GTX 580 3GB
            A lot of HDD space available

            Premiere Pro CC 8.1 All abode software is up to date according to the Creative Cloud manager
            Nvidia drivers up to date


            -Source footage mainly Canon XF300 MXF 1080P footage, R3Ds when running into batch import spanned clips issue occasional DSLR Canon footage.
            -Error messages -  Error compiling movie - Mostly has had to do with PPRO thinking a clip is frozen as mentioned in the post above but has also occurred recently when exporting a project conststing of MXF and DSLR footage colour graded with colorista all running with in a multicam setup.
            -Errors are generally sporadic in nature but PPRO freezing has become more constant with each update.
            - Most of my issues are during editing, some of which have been detailed in previous post.
            -3rd Party plugins for PPRO - Colorista and twitch from video copilot. both of which have been updated this year for CC 2014. AE has trapcode, a waveform plugin and other Video Copilot plugins installed, Trapcode was only installed a couple of days ago, after the recent issues.
            -Avid codec pack is installed for DNXHD encoding
            -Errors happening while editing, and on export.


            Dont have any videos or screenshot examples.


            If you need anymore clarification let me know, basically what I want to know is if uninstalling and re installing PPRO and AE is my only option or if there is a standard reset and reconfigure scenario I can look at doing. I suspect the batch importing issue along with the inability to grab multiple files from different bins at the same time is potentially a missing feature issue while the rest are bugs. 

            Once again thanks for getting back to me.



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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi Vandacorp,

              A new version was released on the 16th. Can you update Premiere Pro and test with a brand new project in 8.2. Do not test an updated 8.1 project.


              • For clip spanning issues, make sure the entire SD card is copied from the camera and then import via the Media Browser, not File > Import or by dragging.
              • This should also assist "Error Compiling Movie"
              • Double check the plug-in manufacturer's websites for Premiere Pro version support. Sometimes 8.1 or 8.2 is not supported, only 8.0.
              • Red frames issues should be solved in 8.2 if you are ingesting properly.



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                alex_ojeda Level 1

                I am having this issue now, never heard of this problem until now. And its happening inside projects that had been ok since a few months back when I finish them. I just went in to export again some of the sequences and now the red frames are all over like a plague. Its Canon footage from an XF300. Ive deleted media cache files, digital rebellion house clean, and now that I want to restart premiere it keeps on crashing while loading the media files, I relaunch again and it loads some more files a bit further until if finally stops crashing after 3 -4 times. I tried then the solution stated above, offline clips, delete media cache, save project, close project, link again, and the red frames were gone from the timeline, but they did show up in the exported movie!! I need to deliver this to client this Monday!! Is there any fix to this? I been using this project for a few months exporting movies with no problem until now, but I haven't changed anything in the project. What caused it? What should I do to fix this asap. Please help! Im running of Premiere Pro 8.1 Caravan OSX 10.9.2