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    Multichannel audio downmix monitoring / "Map to Dual Mono" disengages when working with another sequence


      I typically like to edit with multichannel / mono audio channels, but monitor audio with regular speakers by way of downmixing. I found the useful "Map to Dual Mono' button in the audio track mixer which allows one to monitor all the split channels mixed. The problem I've encountered is when I switch from the multichannel sequence I'm working in over to a regular sequence with other audio settings, and then go back to the multichannel sequence that I started with. When I do this, the "Map to Dual Mono" button disengages, and I'm not able to monitor the audio in the mixed way I'd like. After pressing the "Map to Dual Mono" button, everything's o.k. again.


      Is there a way that once the "Map to Dual Mono" button is activated, that it stays activated, without having to re-press it again and again?


      Here's a video description of my audio monitoring question: Adobe PP CC downmix disengages - YouTube