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    Split Track Audio Output Problem

    artisanaltv Level 1

      I'm trying to make a split track audio output as one requirement of the deliverables list on my current job. Dialog goes left, music right.


      But even though I set up my sequence as two track mono, and have pre-panned the tracks all the way to the left (A1) and right (A2), I seem unable to make a quicktime that will play them as discrete tracks.


      Inside Premiere, they play back properly -- A1 is coming out of the left speaker, A2 out of the right. No bleed or overlap.


      I'm exporting them as quicktime, 2 mono tracks, ProRes 422. But when I play back the resulting quicktime -- voila, the tracks have been re-mixed together without my consent!


      I've tried Media Encoder, with the same results.


      FYI, In the "Channel Layout" section I've tried clicking both "mono" and "discrete" without any improvement. I feel like the problem might be that I'm choosing "Stereo" from the "Channels" popup, but there is no option for two channels that are not in stereo. It goes from mono to stereo to 3.


      Any suggestions would be most welcome. Especially if they arrive soon!  : )


      (Using Premiere Pro 2014.1 on a MacPro Quad Core 2.93GHz machine with 16GB of RAM.)