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    After Effects 13.1.3 Is Constantly Giving The Error: "Needs 2 or more frames for playback"


      I have After Effects 13.1.3 and I'm using a 2011 mac pro 17" with 16GB of ram, but I have any project I have I'm not able to work on due to After Effects not being able to render more then one frame at a time. When I go to RAM Preview it says "After Effects Error: RAM Preview needs 2 or more frames to playback." This phenomenon used to happen whenever I had Adobe Premiere open at the same time, but Thats not the case anymore. It just happens all the time. I can open a project, but after a little less then 3 minutes it reverts back to only rendering one frame. Purging the memory does absolutely nothing, in fact purging anything makes the problem come up immediately.


      This is frustrating! I have deadlines to meet. Not to mention having to pay out of pocket for software that hasn't worked well since Mac OS X 10.8. I shouldn't have to pay for defective software.