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    New Credit Card - Still Shows Up EXPIRED


      My Issue with my Adobe Premiere CC Subscription


      9:00 PM Received a message that my credit card had expired.


      9:05 PM Updated Credit Card for Adobe Premiere Pro CC on my Adobe Account


      9:10 PM Attempted to start up Adobe Premiere but was unable to.  Received the same pop up "Renew Your Subscription" and "If you just renewed your subscription please wait 15 minutes and try again."


      9:45 PM Adobe Account still shows up as Expired -- Still get message (see photo below)


      10:00 PM contacted support and am told by Vaveen to follow the link below and enter my credit card -- which I reluctantly did as I did not feel comfortable having to enter my new card on some obscure link.


      Naveen Kumar: Please go ahead and update billing information from the below link.

      Naveen Kumar: Please click here

      12:30 AM - still unable to access my account. 

      My question to Adobe: what is taking so long?  Once I entered my new card hours ago I should have had access to my account then and there.