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    flashing issue after rendering warp stabilizer


      Hey all,

      I've got an issue - after rendering warp stabilizer, I get a weird flashing issue - see video. Would love some advice on this. File plays fine and looks good with the yellow bar - once it goes green it looks weird like that.

      Source footage is prores 422 HQ. Macbook pro retina 2014. Premiere pro 8.1.0.


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          Afraid we've had this issue on exactly the same hardware in our studio. Appears to be an issue with the GPU and the latest release of Premiere. We've got two Retina macbook pros in the office but only the higher spec machine has this issue with any clips which have been warp stabilised. I've done a clean install of the OS and clean install of Premiere CC 2014 and it's exactly the same.


          The only way around it is to choose 'Mercury Playback Engine Software only' from the project settings at the bottom of the file menu. Unfortunately you'll have to analyse all your stabilised clips again and you obviously lose all the performance that the GPU acceleration gives you, like real-time playback etc etc. We're desperately waiting for the next update to this release, hopefully this will fix some audio bugs too which seemed to have been inherited on this version too. Other alternative is to go back to CC but that's not possible with projects which have already been started in CC 2014. I've spent weeks trying to find any other solutions to this and it's definitely an issue with compatibility with this GPU chipset and CC 2014. iMacs and Mac Pros seem to be fine.


          I should say too that we're using AVCHD footage. One other workaround which may not suit everyone but has allowed me to export an emergency render without the issue on the problem machine is to create a new sequence with a timebase of 29.97fps or 25fps if you're already using 25fps clips and then export that. Makes absolutely no sense but I can get a clean export, slides and detail though are not as smooth.


          Hope it helps though. I can't tell you how much time this issue has cost us.

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            sundryaffairs Level 1

            Hey Thanks very much, that worked. Sucks we have to transcode, and it really should be addressed by Adobe.

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              This issue is fixed in the update released last Monday. What's Fixed in Premiere Pro CC2014.2