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    How to add scenes to movie menu


      I have created additional menu markers and I'd like to add these to the movie menu theme, but it is maxed out at 25 - I have 61 - can this be done?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The important question is what version of Premiere Elements are you using? Of supplemental interest, on what computer operating system is it running (will not matter for the situation that you refer to).


          I am guessing that you have a version of Premiere Elements earlier than 12. Premiere Elements 12 was released allowing for 99 menu markers instead of 25.


          There is nothing to be done. It is what it is for your version. No workaround that has been found.


          Please refer to the following for full details, version by version.




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            TrishGreer Level 1

            I have updated to Premiere Element 13.  The menu and scenes are now available in the creation of my video; however, they are not displayed on the finished product shared as computer – MPEG on a Flash Drive that is formatted as NTFS.   Please HELP.




            Also, when opening a file on 13, it ask for the SUPER LOGO – the event.wav?   What exactly is this?







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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              Disc menu with up to 99 Timeline menu markers is only offered with the burn to disc products. In Premiere Elements 13, there are no export to a file with menus that can be saved to the computer hard drive or USB flash drive.


              So, the export as MPEG to a USB flash drive is going to be just video and not with menus with scene selection from the menu. In earlier versions, you could have gotten a webDVD which is in reality a flash file with menus. But best viewing for that is the computer web browser, not a DVD player.


              As for SUPER LOGO - the event.wav? Not sure what that is all about. What are the properties of the file that you are opening to get that request?

              I am guessing that the file is in some way related to Photobucket - the .wav in the event.wav suggests an audio file. Please try to get more information

              on this, and we will do some looking into the Super Logo request that you are getting.