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    Installing flash

    Fusstrated!!! Level 1


      I've searched the forum for this one and none of the solutions seem to work.  I've been trying all afternoon to install the latest version of flash player.  It will download and then freeze up at about 30%.  No error comes up.  I can't close down my computer because the installer won't exit, so I need to press and hold the off button to force it to shut down so I could try again.  None of the links provided on other forums will open (sigh) so I can't seem to access any of the alternative versions that are available. In the mean time, there are websites that need flash player that I must be able to visit for work tomorrow morning.  Any suggestions out there?


      OK, other details you need to know.  I'm on a Mac using the latest version of Yosemite.  My browser is Safari 8.0.2.