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    PRE8: How to Sync Two Clips Together Whose Fields Are Not Synchronised With One Another

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      I am trying to create a short video, using two clips placed one on top of the other in my timeline, the two clips being sourced from two versions of the same piece of footage. I am using the Image Matte Key function, to show through an area of the bottom clip's image.


      When creating a DVD of the project, I will be using a CRT TV to display the footage, which obviously displays an interlaced image. I have already made a trial DVD, and have played it back using my Panasonic DVD recorder connected to the CRT TV, and have found that, in order for the footage to play as it should, I have to select 'Reverse Field Dominance' on all clips otherwise the DVD will display the footage with incorrect field sequence.


      Here's the problem: If I make a DVD and then play the disc using my Panasonic DVD recorder equipment and my CRT TV, and advance the footage field-by-field (which Panasonic DVD equipment is capable of doing) I can see that the bottom clip I am using is one field ahead of the top clip.


      Is there any way I can sync up the two clips properly so that the sequence runs with both clip's fields completely in sync with one another?


      Two ways, so far, have kind of worked: One method is if I set both clips to 'Always Deinterlace', and the other method is if I set just the bottom clip to 'Always Deinterlace' (and leave the top clip to 'Reverse Field Dominance'). However, I'd rather both clips in my timeline were kept as interlaced, as deinterlacing produces a slightly soft image on every other field (either in the entire image using the first method, or in the area where the bottom clip shows through using the second method). This is to be expected, though, if you consider how deinterlacing works.


      Any help would be appreciated.