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    convert a boundingbox Layer  to vector shape



      convert a boundingbox Layer  to vector shape

      Howto to convert the bounding box (BB) of a object ( of any object type) inside a layer  to a rectangular shape vector ( not shape fill pixel ) ?


      The BB can be view

      ---using  Ctr T Transform Free

      ---using slice tool . When the cursor is near a side of the BB , photoshop show highlighted side ( snap to document bound ca nbe disable )  .

      ---using guide with snap to "Document bound" option enable


      The BB side can be create using

      ---place 4 guides ( 2 vertical 2 horizontal)  that snap to the BB border edge, then create a Rectangle shape using those guides .

      ----use slice to draw a rectangle near our object (inside a layer)  and change the border of rectangle slice that ll snap to the BB , create rectangle shape using those  "slice guide"


      Is there a simple way to manually ( less step ) or automate ( action , Script , plugin  ) this ?



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          norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          opt 3 copy.jpg

          I suspect that English is not your native language and I admire your willingness to use it for your inquiry. I am not certain that I understand your question but I believe you are asking (in Photoshop terms) how to take the marching ants frame of a Selection (Picture 1) and convert it into a Shape (Picture 4). If that is what you have in mind, I suggest this.

          1. Rather than drawing with the Rectangular Marquee tool on the same layer as the image, add a blank layer and draw the rectangle on it.
          2. Choose Paths and then choose the “Make Work Path from Selection” symbol at the bottom of the Paths panel (Picture 2)
          3. Choose Edit > Define Custom Shape and click OK. Don’t be concerned that it appears as a solid black box.

             4. Choose the Custom Shape Tool. The Shape you created will be the last one in the Shape field. Draw the shape (a vector) using the thin line appearing in Picture 2 as your guide. Set the thickness of the line in the Options bar. 

             5. In Paths, click on the open area to eliminate the Step 2 line.


          I assumed that you want to create that shape rather than use one built into Photoshop. If you would like to use the one supplied, choose the Shape tool and click on the down arrow alongside Shape in the Options bar. Click on the symbol in the upper right corner or the drop-down menu, choose Shape, then Append. Choose the Shape marked here. When you use it, to create a line frame rather than a solid box shape, follow the settings below.



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            lionel234 Level 1

            Thank's a lot for take time to write .

            I post  a composite capture screen with comments.

            For the context , i wanted to do that because tool like Cut and slice me need  boundingbox for create image and disable the view of layer like text flowers background before export.

            My aim is to create an invisible layer shape rectangle locate in the panel after the layer wiith the name "#"

            If i select the layer and Ctr T then the edge of the boundingbox  appear and can be use with guide ( guide snap to the boundingbox edge).

            if i use the marquee tool  ( select tool ) after Ctr T , the bounding disseppear and i can't create the rectangle (no informatin about position width/height given by Ctrl T shortcut on the layer group ( directory) .