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    Which notebook?


      Which notebook do you reommend using After Effects?

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          ...fastest i7 Haswell CPU you can afford....4700HQ or BETTER...as much system memory as POSSIBLE, as After Effects will use ALL of it !!....32GB if possible....no less than 24 GB. having an NVidia GPU ...765M or BETTER is good,but, AE is all about CPU cores, speed and system memory. In AE the GPU is NOT used much...only for "ray tracing". Pick a machine with at least 1920x1080 resolution on the screen AND one that has at least two hard drive bays. You can always find a cheaper machine which you can upgrade yourself by adding more memory and fast SATA III SSDs to it. AE has a "global performance cache" which stores already rendered frames, ( for previews) and it wants to have this cache on a fast ,separate drive, if possible. So, if you have a laptop with 2 HDD bays, you can put a fast SSD in one for OS, programs and Windows page file. All media, project files, and cache files would go on a second SSD in bay #2.  Asus gaming laptops are good and are sometimes available REFURBISHED for a big discount. Other companies have comparable machines as well.

             Keep in mind you will need to be plugged in for the laptop to run this powerful program. A desktop system , properly constructed may offer twice the performance for only a little more than some laptops.