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    NetConnectionDebugger fails


      I am working on .Net + Flash application. The Problem I encountered is below.
      Flash MX + .Net 2003 + Flash Remoting for MX

      I have flash player embedded in aspx page which fetched XML data from C# pages through .Net remoting for MX.

      The code works perfect with data less than 70KB
      But if the ASOBJECT returned from C# assembly (dll) through flash remoting to Flash is more than 72 KB it fails i.e. no function associated to service function call _RESULT or _STATUS is called

      returned from C# dll is ASOBJECT type

      Is there any data length restriction while calling services through flash remoting?

      Thanx for any help in advance.

      code snippet is written below:
      --- Code starts here ---

      flashService.GetInstData(parseInt(_global.InstID), parseInt(_global.CandidateID_str));

      function GetInstData_Result(result) {
      XMLData_str = result["Inst_XML_str"];
      _global.InstrumentDataLoaded = true;

      function GetInstData_Status(result) {
      _global.InstDataLoaded = false;

      -- Code ends here --

      The above code works perfect if size of data returned is less than 70KB.
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          phil ashby Level 1
          I've never experienced an issue with the amount of data returned and it's certainly more than 70kb, so "No" is your answer, but I don't think that going to be much help I'm afraid!
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            PushSax Level 1
            thanx for the response phil but is there any way to check where the problem lies.

            I tried with NetConnectionDebugger but the calls hangs with AMFResponse call

            Did you try to return data more than 70KB in a single call? or was it broken up in multiple calls?

            Thanks for any help.
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              phil ashby Level 1
              It returns in a single call. We use coldfusion as our serverside software. I think the biggest data call we do returns around 13,000 records with about 20 fields, so...definitely more than 70kb!
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                phil ashby Level 1
                Just a thought, is it possible to invoke the data call from outside of flash to make sure it's actually working? Netdebugger doesn't give the most helpful of error message and we build web pages that invoke the datacall functions. That way we get a decent error message and can work out what is going on.

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                  PushSax Level 1
                  could be a good idea but what do you say if instead of making function call outside flash, i use to save XML string before returning ASOBJECT to flash. And that I am able to save at the designated path.

                  Another point to mention here is if XML String returned is less than 70 KB it retunred to _RESULT function.

                  However I do not see any code fail or error on debugged if data is >70KB.

                  Your suggestion please?