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    Had ADE on previous Windows phone (Nokia Lumia 920).   After that phone died, tried to get ADE onto Nokia Lumia 635, but unsuccessful finding it to install.


      I had a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone which recently died. I had Adobe Digital Editions on that phone to use along with Overdrive to be able to read ebooks in a subscription service I have.  Got a Nokia Lumia 635 and got Overdrive onto it, but cannot get Adobe Digital Editions:  cannot find it in browser searches of Adobe, etc.  Tried following the links from my subscription service, but got error messages.  Without Adobe Digital Editions, the ebooks are difficult to read as the chapters don't load correctly and I end up having to go back and forth to find the beginnings of the book.  Sometimes when I load a new book it will say there are 13 chapters.  I click to go to Chapter 1 and it loads Chapter 16 (no such chapter), and that will be someplace randomly in the ebook.  Frustrating...