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    Controlling Speed and other Frame Rate Questions!


      Hello After Effects Community!


      I have a few questions about a specific video situation I'm working with.


      I have footage in 720p at 60FPS. I want to slow down sections of the video by easing into slow motion. What FPS should my comp be? should I make the comp 29.97 or 24 and then bring in the 60 fps footage and time remap it?

      Basically I want to have it ply at normal speed and slow down a specific part and then have it speed up again. Help!

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Your composition settings should be decided based on how the final product is being presented.  If you're displaying in a cinema, you'll probably want 24fps.  If you're playing on a TV, or via DVD or BluRay, or on YouTube, you'll probably want to use the standard frame rate for the country you live in - 29.97 in the US, Japan etc.  25fps in Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc.   If you're doing some kind of high-end output, you may have the facility to use a high frame rate, but I suspect you'd already know about that if it were the case.


          Interpret the footage in AE at its correct frame rate (60fps in your case), then use Time Remapping to adjust the playback speed.