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    Apple 15"  MacBook Pro versus Dell Precision M3800 which is best for LR + PS

    spidermack Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I am considering buying a 15" Apple MacBook Pro. At the moment I have a Dell Precision M4600 which is great however it is very heavy to carry if I take it with me.


      I'm now considering a switch to MAC. I have a a creative cloud license so I could switch,


      At the moment my 3 year old M4600 runs with 16 gig memory & a 1Tb SSD + an Intel i7 processor so the laptop, It's  I plenty fast however is a "sturdy brick".


      If I got for a MAcBook I will spec 16Gig RAM & a 1Tb SSD. It's a pain you cant add them yourself. As I think this would be much cheaper.


      Is any one out here running Adobe LR5 and PS CC on a Apple MacBook Pro 15" with 16 Gig memory and SSD ?


      How does it run & is the apple OS much better or better at all than MS Windows7 / 8 ?


      Anyone made the switch recently from WIN7 or 8  to MAC OS?


      Thanks for help