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    Trying to find the regular catalog - only have a fraction of my images - help!!


      I was in Lr, saw a couple hundred missing (file not found, exclamation point) in the middle of my main catalog.

      I don't have multiple catalogs - just the main one with dozens of individual imports over the last couple years, nearly 3,000 images. And a few backups, the most recent from about 10 months ago (not sure why when I thought I was backing up since then, I wasn't). So from the most recent backup - still down 1,300 or so images, many of which have been post-processed - a lot of work.

      A pop-up came up indicating Lr 5.7 was available, so I downloaded and installed it.

      I went to my most recent backup to find the files I was looking for originally (that were somehow moved/lost in the main catalog) - found them, exported, no issue.

      Tried to go back to my main catalog under File, Open Recent - selected the "Lightroom 5 Catalog.Ircat" file - only 498 of the images are there (not 3,000 ish) and those are all from a two week window earlier this year...nothing before then, nothing after then.


      I need help figuring out where that main catalog is!


      I really, really don't want to have to re-import all of those pictures, re-process/workflow them...that would take weeks.


      Any help is greatly appreciated - the karma alone in restoring some of my sanity would make it a great holiday for you!