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    z97 vs x99 for Graphics and Video Editing




      I’m looking to build a system for graphics and video creation and editing (photoshop (very large files), illustrator, after effects, premiere pro, davinci resolve), and I was thinking about a z97 system (4790k, 16GB ram to start (but soon expanding to 32), and a GTX 970).


      Do you guys think a z97 system would be sufficient or would I really need an x99 ? The x99 is tantalizing since it would allow me to future proof the machine, but right now I only have money for a 5920k (at most a 5930k) and 16GB ram. I still would go with the GTX 970, but I don’t know when I would have the money to expand the memory, since ddr4 memory is so expensive.


      Wrt to a z97 system which mobo would you guys recommend ?


      Wrt a x99 system which mobo would you guys recommend ?


      All suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.


      Thanks a lot in advance.