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    Fonts are degrading in Premiere Pro CC from Photoshop CC


      I'm creating some simple text slates for use in a video. I am making them in Photoshop CC as TIF files with a transparent background to overlay onto the video in Premiere Pro CC. In Photoshop they look crisp, and clean around the edges, but when I import the TIF files into Premiere they get pixellated and have jagged edges. The dimensions of the TIF files are 1280x720 which is the same as the video and sequence settings in Premiere Pro.


      Are there optimal settings I should be using in Photoshop to ensure best TIF quality in Premiere?


      Should I maybe not be using a TIF file at all? PSD?


      It is a very clean sans serif font. Nothing crazy. I don't know why this is happening and have tired a lot of things with the render settings etc to try and fix but am getting the same results.


      I know in Final Cut the main thing was to ensure RGB color mode VS CMYK but I'm not sure if there are other things at play in Premiere Pro CC.


      Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!