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    Water trails ..


      Hi ,

      After exhausting every single bit i my brain , I didn't have any choice but to go to the forum and seek for the information.

      I've been experimenting with particular to create a water trails for the scene that I'm doing right now.

      So after pushing myself to the limits that what I've got :

      Comp 1 (0-00-02-12).jpgComp 1 (0-00-05-03).jpg

      Could this be faked with out a 3d simulator ?

      I want to do it inside of after effects

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what you are asking. The whole composition looks awful. An F-22 would never even fly so close above water, anyway. It's strictly a land-based fighter-interceptor aimed at high altitude, high speed chase.



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            aloooy_10 Level 1

            I know it looks awful , thats why I have been asking for help.

            I was trying to do something like this to be clear :


            F14 Tomcat Jet Flying Low Over the Ocean 1024 x 768.jpg

            and thank you for your honesty about the comp .

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You could use CC Particle World or (if you have purchased it from Red Giant's Trapcode Suite) use Particular to do that sort of thing.

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                aloooy_10 Level 1

                I'm using trapcode , but my problem is how can I blend it with water surface .

                I want to create a con vincible effects , Do you have any suggestions ??

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Real world water simulation is a very complex business.  You won't get brilliant results outside a true 3D application like C4D.  But as mentioned above, your best bet is to create plumes of particles with a Particle Generator effect like Particular.


                  How are you generating the water surface? Do you have the ability to manipulate the surface in any way?

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                    bogiesan Level 4

                    I have no experience with Particular but CC Particle World is a 3D simulator. You can move the producer along a path with simple keyframes. The 3D interface for CCPW is supremely primitive and controlling the emitter while making it move is a challenge. Search for tutorials for PW, it's really a cool and difficult simulation system. You could also use Wave World to handle the wakes.

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                      aloooy_10 Level 1

                      Yup I can manipulate the element 3d gives you a good performance with less rendering time.

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                        aloooy_10 Level 1

                        I'm using particular by the way , I'm having some difficulties setting the parameters up .

                        Which Particular shape should I use ?



                        Sprite Texture

                        Any suggestion?


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                          bogiesan Level 4

                          You probably ought to hit the Particular forums at Red Giant. Is that who makes it? 

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                            aloooy_10 Level 1

                            Yes you're right

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                              ThunderLion Level 1

                              Thats a tough simulation to pull off>  you could maybe do it with partilce world or particular  make it look like a fountain, then worr about the movement

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                                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                You'll need a few layers pf particles to get a decent result.  Personally, I'd use spheres for my main particles, but I'd add another layer of larger, sparser sphere particles that move slower than the main ones, and another layer of cloudlet particles to create some mist-like spray, especially at the rear of the water plumes.  You probably want to overlay some foreground mist in the shot as well.


                                Also look at the colouring of the water in your reference pic compared to your own work.  The reference has great lighting and colour variation to enhance depth - only the very front of the spray is pure white.  You will need to light the particles or work with their colour and opacity to give them any sense of real depth.  At the moment your spray is pure white, so it has no sense of depth or of being in the same world as the ocean.


                                I haven't played much with Element 3D V2 yet, so I'm not totally across what it's fractal distortion tools can do, but if it's possible to create some surges on the water surface with a custom fractal map the whole thing will look a lot more real.

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                                  aloooy_10 Level 1

                                  Thank you for the tips man , I will start tweeking the setting to get it right , and I hope that I do it right.