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    installation stops every time at 33%

    Guy Aitchison

      I've tried updating Flash six times now. I've restarted, updated EVERYTHING else, checked that we have a robust connection. Here's the details:


      This is a macbook pro with the latest Yosemite update. When I attempt an update, everything goes fine at first. All the prompts etc work normally, and when I double-click on the Flash icon it opens a window with a progress bar that says "retrieving update". it begins the process and hangs up at 33% where it then stays indefinitely. A couple times it's gone to 34 or 37% but it's been a false hope, it always gets hung up.


      Each time I wait 30 min or so to be sure, then abort, restart, try again. Same issue every time. Is this a problem with the Adobe servers? If it were my connection it wouldn't hang up at the exact same place each time, it would hang up randomly (I have streamed video between each install attempt to verify a robust connection). Needless to say, I am at a wall. What next?