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    Slide Menu App

    GusMaia00 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I'm trying to develop a app prototype on flash and I wonder if it's possible to do a slide menu on Flash CC.

      I wanna get a smooth slide transtion on click from this:

      app1.jpgto thisapp2.jpg

      It means that the menu's titles slide to the left and keep seeing only the icons.


      Is it possible? If so, how do I do it?

      Notice that I'm totally noob on flash, I googled it and I found nothing for this.


      Thanks a lot everyone, best regards.

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          Flashy_1995 Level 1

          Yeah it is possible.

          You will probably need to keep a Movie Clip inside of a Movie Clip.

          and make the sliding animation using flash's improved motion tweening layer


          If you dont understand post a copy of the fla and I will do it and post it back