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    Keep multiple versions of Lightroom on one machine?

    D_Blackwell Level 1

      I have Lightroom 3 and am considering upgrading to Lightroom 5.  I love Lightroom 3, and would like to keep it installed as backup / alternative.  I inquired with purchase chat and was told that if I upgraded to 5 that 3 would be deactivated.  Is this correct?  They seemed positive that if I upgraded to 5 my previous version would be deactivated.  Maybe I won't like 5 as much.  I love 3, and don't know that I 'need' 5, but I'm setting up a new machine so am upgrading or adding a lot of software right now as a part of that process.


      If I'm going to lose 3, then I probably won't upgrade to 5.  Why tempt fate and give up something that works well and that I know pretty well.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          I cannot speak to any deactivating.  However, the databases for v3 and v5 are not compatible.  If you update your v3 database to a v5 database, LR3 will not be able to read it.  No new databases created by LR5 will be able to be read by LR3.

          In all honesty, I cannot think of a reason to stay with LR3 with v5.7 being available.

          I know that v4 and v5 work fine side by side, so I don't see why v3 and v5 would behave any differently.  Make a copy of your old catalog and update the copy to v5.