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    Small Red X Next to Each Topic?

      Please forgive my inexperience with this tool. I am learning as I go, with no one around to teach me. I was updating a Help built by someone else. I just updated my files and attached a new style sheet to all my topics. When I generated my Help (WebHelp), I could not view anything. I went back into RoboHelp HTML (version x5), and now every topic has a small red x to the left of it. I cannot edit any topics now (the edit feature is grayed out). Please help! I have no idea what's wrong.
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          Search the Help for "icons". Look at the topic called "Identifying file icons". Then click the link on the Help topic that reads "Here is a list".

          A red "x" indicates the following:

          Missing files: All files that the program cannot locate appear with a red X at the left. These files are not in the project path and that is why they cannot be located. Either they have been removed from your disk, or they are saved in a folder other than the place where they were saved in the program.


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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi pa_writer and welcome to the RH community.

            Don't worry about any perceived inexperience. We've all been there and there are people on these forums that can help when required.

            Regarding your problem, this sort of thing normally occurs when RH loses contact with changes made that it does not know about. Where the files moved or renamed outside of RH (e.g. Windows Explorer)? If so, move / rename them back to their original name and you'll find the red cross disappears. Only ever change file characteristics in RH.
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              HKabaker Level 2
              Depending on how confused the RH database is, you may need to re-import the topics from wherever they are.

              Don't be alarmed if RH tells you the file is already in the project, and asks if you want to overwrite it. This means RH has some distant memory of the file name -- hence, the red x -- but lost track of its location.

              Say yes.


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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi pa_writer and welcome to our community

                I see others have offered a bit of advice on your issue. My advice will center a bit on another aspect.

                I'm just guessing here, but I'd be willing to bet You are probably scratching your head and wondering how this could have happened in the first place. Furthermore, what can you do to prevent it from happening again? No?

                So I have some silly questions for you.

                1. Did you sneak behind RoboHelp's back at any time and move files around using Windows Explorer?

                If so, this can be the cause for missing topics. You need to do any moving of project related files from inside the RoboHelp application. Otheriwse, it wanders around looking all green and bug eyed looking for its files.

                2. Where are your project files being kept?

                If you reply with something like: On the network, you silly git! Everyone knows we should save things on the network because our local PCs aren't backed up regularly and the network is. You should know that RoboHelp doesn't work and play well with projects stored on a network drive. So if you have placed your project on the network, close RoboHelp, move the project files to your C drive and restart RoboHelp. Then open your project.

                Hopefully this helps... Rick
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                  Janatwork Level 1

                  Hi RoboHelp colleagues,


                  I have some related questions. You advise NOT to move RoboHelp files around in Windows Explorer, but rather move them around from only within the RoboHelp project. Does this rule also apply to DELETING RoboHelp files (htm, gif, etc.)? That is, should we delete these files only from within the RoboHelp project?


                  Once I moved my RoboHelp HTML 8 project up to my new version of RoboHelp (2015), there are a few files, here and there, on the Topic List that have a small red x and cannot be opened. Plus, this is very strange -- the modified date is 1/2/1970. And I suspect that this RoboHelp project wasn't even built until about 2003. Any insights about this red-x and "ancient" modify date (1970)?


                  Thank you.


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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi there


                    No clue on the modified date. But generally speaking, when you see a red x next to a file, it means RoboHelp is expecting a file to be there but it's missing. And one way that can happen is certainly by deleting the file using Windows Explorer and not using RoboHelp to delete the file.


                    Cheers... Rick

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                      Janatwork Level 1

                      Thanks, Rick. Going forward, I'll be careful to delete RoboHelp files only from within the RoboHelp project.

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                        Wondering if the old RoboHelp 8 bug could be at play here?

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                          Janatwork Level 1

                          No, I don't think so: it's different from the RoboHelp 8 bug of Halloweens past. In this project, just a few topics have the red x, and there's no shaking hourglass. So it appears that I or someone must have deleted those few topics from Windows Explorer rather than from RoboHelp.

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                            Amebr Level 4

                            I just recently had robohelp "vanish" files off my hard drive by itself. I was working away happily and all the files were fine, then there was a flicker and poof, a bunch of broken links showed up. I checked the locations and the files were no longer there .


                            And I say "vanished" because they weren't in my recycle bin or anywhere else on my hard drive that I could find. Luckily I had a zip backup.


                            It was very, very, very odd...

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                              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Wow, that's pretty weird. I've never seen that behavior before. Normally when RoboHelp deletes files they end up in the recycle bin. So it's odd you weren't able to see them there. One would also think that if RoboHelp had deleted them for whatever reason that no broken links would have been created because it normally handles that.


                              When that happened were there also red x's superimposed on the deleted topics?


                              My spidey sense is tingling and suggesting that maybe some third party software of sorts could be at play.


                              Cheers... Rick

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                                Amebr Level 4

                                It's the first time I've seen it, however, a co-worker suffered this problem constantly - at the time I thought it might have been third party software on their computer, as I never had the issue, and our "corporate common desktop environment" doesn't seem to be very common at all ( ;p )


                                I have just started working with the project they were working on, so now I think maybe it's something specific to this project.


                                The most disturbing issue is that it vanished topics from *other* child projects (merged setup, with relative links in topics and TOC to the child projects). I was deleting some unused condition tags and SSLs at the time, so I tried to replicate that setup in a test merge project have, but couldn't duplicate the behaviour. :S


                                I've also deleted errant meta tags left over from word imports (OriginalFile, path to original word doc, etc), in the vague idea that maybe they caused some weird link to happen (yes, clutching at straws).


                                Anyhoo, I'll keep an eye on it, but just wanted to advise that there *might* be a weird bug that automagically deletes topics.