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    Premiere Pro CC Export Crash and Freeze


      So basically, i recorded in 4k 24p on my Panasonic GH4 and some 1080 60 clips and am editing in a 4k premiere pro cc timeline. All the clips are .MOV files. Whenever i go to export my 3 1/2 minute video straight out of Premiere pro or even the Media encoder it stops at about 3%  or whenever the export starts to hit the video files and the encoding time raises higher and higher and higher until the export just freezes. I'm exporting it out as an h.264 file 4096x2160 at 24fps. Vbr pass 2 times, at a bitrate of 25mbps. Earlier this past week i exported out about 30 seconds of the video at a random point of time in the video and it exported out fine, i just wanted to see how it compressed and how the footage would look like on vimeo. Now even if i try to export really any clip in the timeline individually it just freezes up like i said. I've been doing LOTS(4 days worth) of different troubleshooting and have not found a solution and im pretty upset. My computer is fast enough for sure, i have exported out a few different 4k tests and videos fine a few weeks back. Im running windows 7 16gb of ram, 8 cores, i7 processor and my graphics card is fine. Could you help me out?