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    Creative Cloud - "unable to connect to server"


      Here's my situation.  I have used Creative Cloud for more than 2 years with no problems.I'm on a windows 7 machine.  I recently updated to CC 2014, but did not remove the last version before I did.  a few days ago I noticed that Creative Cloud wouldn't update.  Then I discovered that when I try to open creative cloud I get an error message that reads "unable to reach adobe servers.  Please check your firewall settings, and try again in a few minutes".


      it is definitely not my network connection, I have a second laptop with the same software on it that is sitting on the same table as the desktop giving me trouble that is  able to connect to the adobe servers fine.


      I called tech support and went through ALL the steps they gave me in including, turning off firewalls, virus protector, deleting OOBE and AAMUupdator, creating a new user account and shutting down all startup programs.  None of this has worked.



      On top of that, now creative cloud seems to think I'm not a registered user.  All of my apps either shut down when I try to open them, or ask me for a serial number or to agree to a trial.



      Does anyone out there have a solution.  I'm frustrated by customer support - after two separate chats going through the exact same steps (they even took over my machine remotely) and now another delay while I wait for someone to get back to me I'm not holding out my hopes they'll be able to solve my problem.


      I have a major project due at the end of thisweek with no possibility to extend the deadline.  If I can't get it completed, I'll have some angry clients to deal with.