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    Water flow effect in existing photo?


      Alligator enters_0000.jpgAlligator enters_0150.jpg

      I have an existing photo/animation of a river, rendered in Lightwave that I would like to simulate the water moving.

      I also have an alligator entering from the right.  I'm sure I can mask that to appear over the existing effect.

      How can I select the water area only and add an effect that makes the water appear to be moving, waving, etc.?

      It doesn't have to flow, I just want some motion to appear, and unfortunately the sequence is already rendered, so

      this is one of those 'do it in post' moments.

      UPDATE: I tried to mask the water and precompose the mask layer, then added a turbulence displacement.  It looks

      ok, but I still think I can get a better look.  I'm also trying to get a small splash when the alligator hits the water.


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