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    Continuous Issue Downloading Wrong Installation File

    Gemini's Fire

      Whenever I download an Adobe program or update installation file, I end up getting a password protected file upon scanning it with my antivirus. I am wondering if anyone else has ever encountered this issue. I was informed that Adobe does not password protect their files so I really don't know what's going on. Here is a screenshot from the most recent download a few minutes ago:

      Avast snip 1.PNG

      Avast snip 2.PNG

      About 50 password protected files in the package. This is not a new problem as you can see from my old post here Antivirus can't scan Adobe Reader X setup - Password Protected. Since then, I have to jump through hoops to find a direct download link that leads me to a file that CAN be scanned. It happens every single time for every Adobe setup file on every computer on my network -  only Adobe files and only on my network. I'm really sick of it. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening? That old post is from 2011... We've gotten new PCs and laptops a few times and had the same issue upon first install so it can't be a virus, right? Any help is really appreciated. This is truly annoying since Adobe has a security patch every couple of weeks or so. Thanks in advance!