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    Changing measurements defaults in PS CC2014

    MartinRTR Level 1

      Hello all


      I'm running PS20142.2 on Mac OS 10.10.1


      This is a a bit of a 'two in one' question but I wonder if any of you whizzes out there can help.


      Q1 - a couple of versions back a neat bit of functionality seemed to disappear - it wasn't a major issue so I persevered but it's beginning to irk me so i thought I would see if I'm missing something. Previously, when you right clicked the ruler and selected a measurement (eg pixels, mm, cm etc) the crop tool picked this up - so, if you had selected pixels on the ruler bar and then punched 500 into the 'X' field of the crop tool it guessed you meant pixels. It doesn't seem to do this now - you have to type 500px. Can this be done?


      Q2 - also to do with measurements - I have changed the default measurements in the prefs (prefs > units & rulers > rulers) to pixles. However, when I go to check image size (image > image size) it defaults to cm - which is a measurement I NEVER use. The same happens with open new file. Any ideas how to force PS to pick up on your default ruler setting?


      As always - thanks for listening!