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    Rendering an Effect

    GBRXH1963 Level 1

      I am using an i7 system with 16GB of memory with a large amount of storage, using Premiere Elements 10.   When in Edit, Effects mode and applying Stabilizer Effect rendering is then required (Red Line).   After this is done (Green Line) with work saved and project closed to end session, upon return it again indicates rendering required (Red Line) again only for clips where Stabilizer has been used.   Repeating the rendering process and closing etc. does not cure the problem.   The film being edited is full HD.   Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This was a common issue with version 10 that was supposedly fixed in version 11.


          Updating to the latest version of Quicktime may or may not help.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Rendered Timelines appearing as unrendered Timelines in the saved closed reopened project is an old story related to many versions of Premiere Elements on a variety of computer operating systems including version 11. I have found that this situation is not remedied by updating QuickTime or going to a later version of Premiere Elements. This is not a problem unique to Premiere Elements 10 on your computer operating system. The whys for this matter are not clear. Some observations....


            1. When the unrendered Timeline look appears in the saved closed reopened project that was last seen with the rendered look, the preview files generated in the original render process are not gone. They are alive and well in their hard drive save location. So, we are drawn to the conclusion that we are probably dealing with a connection problem between the project and the preview files (.avi for SD and .mpg for HD).


            2. Not so long ago, I was involved in one of the threads here where the Premiere Elements user had pointed to this issue relating to stills. The finding was that the issue existed for .psd and not jpg files. I confirmed this users findings. Maybe try it and see what results you get for rendered Timeline of jpg and psd, save close reopen of the project. What has the red line over it in this reopened mini test run?


            My comment on all this has been to move on in the re-opened project. If you need to obtain the best possible preview for what you have not already previewed, then

            a. selectively render the Timeline content of interest that has the red line


            b. render the whole Timeline content that has the red line.


            Please review and consider.


            If necessary, I will try to locate the threads over the years and currently which go to this issue.



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              GBRXH1963 Level 1

              Sorry - this did not work

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                GBRXH1963 Level 1

                The response of 'Did not Work' was for downloading latest Quicktime as given by Steve   Have still to respond to ATR message.

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                  GBRXH1963 Level 1

                  Have now tried to render clips, which have had the Stabilizer added, with the following extensions :- .m2ts, .move, .bmp, .jpg, .avi, .VOB   All of these failed to save the Rendering action (having first completed this) when the project was reopened.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up information.


                    I would have expected the jpg rendering before after project save close reopoen to remain with the rendered look. But just in case question...when you compared the jpg rendered before and the jpg with unrendered look afterward/reopened, were you dealing with jpg to which you had applied the video stabilizer?

                    The jpg to which a video stabilizer effect has been applied has the saved rendered/opened unrendered look condition. Please excuse the question, but I did not want to take anything for granted.


                    The fundamental issues still remain in which the issue oscillates in and out of the saved rendered/opened unrendered look for a project, project to project, version to version, and computer operating system to computer operating system.


                    If your schedule permits, please let us know of any further results.






                    Add On.. If you did apply the Video Stabilizer to a still, what is your rationale behind doing that?

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                      GBRXH1963 Level 1

                      I created a test project with one only clip/photo for each of the six extension file types mentioned earlier.   Each had the Stabilizer applied (Red Line), Rendered (Green Line to all),saved and then Project closed and reopened.   In all cases the the Red Line re-appears.   I also made a test Project with two copies of the same clip which have camera shake.   Stabilizer was applied to one copy only, then Rendered but, at this point, NOT saved but proceeded on to the Share process and produced an HD DVD of these two clips.   It can be clearly seen the Stabilizer has been applied to my test clip when then comparing both.   If this is the only answer then I will use this procedure to my main Project.   If no other answer available will there be a Patch Release update to fix?

                      Many thanks,


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                        GBRXH1963 Level 1

                        My rationale for applying this to a jpg file was that is what I believe you suggested in your first response to my question.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the reply. In specific response to your post numbered 8.


                          At no time in this thread (first response or otherwise) did I state or imply applying the stabilizer effect to a still.

                          Please highlight and point to the place in your thread where you think that I did.


                          Regarding jpg vs psd stills and your thread question, I did ask you to look at the difference in the rendering matter before and

                          after a save close reopen. Have you done that as requested with a jpg still and psd still?


                          This is an important concept. So, I want to make sure that we are in sync on the communications. I am glad for the

                          opportunity to clarify at any time.


                          Best wishes



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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            In reply to your post number 7...


                            If this is the only answer then I will use this procedure to my main Project.   If no other answer available will there be a Patch Release update to fix?


                            This matter goes back at least to Premiere Elements 7 and has extended to the present. In all that time, any updates to a version have not included a fix for the issue. Since you are using Premiere Elements 10 (not current version), I believe it is highly unlikely that Adobe will offer a patch for this. And, "will be corrected in next version" has not happened yet.


                            As I have said, this matter extends over several versions of Premiere Elements 10 on various computer operating systems and varies within the project as well as from project ot project.