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    screenshot images appear fuzzy in Breeze presentation

    suepha Level 1

      I have created some Breeze presentations using screenshots captured using SnagIt then pasted into the PowerPoint slide at full size (about 600x600px). When I maximize the slide in PowerPoint, the graphics and text in the slide still appear fairly crisp and clear. But when I publish it as a Breeze presentation, the graphics become notably fuzzier even at the default size.

      I have tried capturing as GIF, JPG, BMP, etc to try and improve the quality but that doesn't appear to have any impact. The screens I am capturing are very basic - not much detail, just text in tables with only three different solid color cell backgrounds.

      Under preferences, I have selected Quality>Image Quality = high.

      Does anyone else have any suggestions for maintaining sharp images when publishing with Breeze?

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          asm0d Level 1
          Sorry - Breeze uses some pretty high compression on bitmaps. Not a lot you can do with photos. Cartoons seem to come through the best, but fuzzy is the price we pay for those small file sizes.

          However, if you have something in vector format (in CorelDRAW - a form, or logo, for example) you can get around this by having the drawing program export in *swf format, and then importing into Breeze as a Flash module. You won't be able to animate it, or put anything in front of it once your presentation is converted to Breeze, but at least it will be as sharp and clear as it was in PowerPoint. I find this especially useful when I have to show a form or an electronics panel to the students.


          Marc B
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            suepha Level 1
            Hi Marc,
            Thanks for your input. I did a little more testing and I've found that if I use Captivate to capture the screenshots and then export as SWFs and insert via the Breeze menu, they aren't as fuzzy. Kind of a pain but there is a definite difference in clarity.