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    Reset draggable object to preset start position

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      Hi there,


      For our school project we are messing around with Edge Animate CC.

      But now I had the following problem.



      On the left side you have a list of words as a plain image.

      Above the words we set a word as a symbol, and made it draggable via the following code. (so it looks like you take a word from the list, and duplicates it so you can put it somewhere on your stage)


      // insert code to be run when the symbol is created here

      yepnope({nope:['jquery-ui-1.10.4.custom.min.js'], complete: init});



      function init(){

        //use the code! Draggable! Droppable!








      But now we want to let the word 'boos' reset to its orignal position. (on the left, on the top of the list)


      Is there a way that we can create a button, that makes the draggable 'boos' button reset to its starters position, via some code, nomather where you dragged it on the stage?


      Thanks in advance!


      And yes, I've been searching for it for some hours now :<