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    Film in 4k to use on 1080p sequence. Can't use warp stabilizer.


      Hi all,

      So, I've been filming using 4k resolution with the intention of using it on a 1080p sequence. The reason I use 4k is so I have the extra pixels to play with when I use the Warp Stabilizer. BUT, it seems this is not possible to do, as Premiere Pro CC says I need to 'nest' the 4k clips before I can use warp stabilizer. The problem with that is that, 'nesting' a 4k clip to match the 1080p sequence video dimensions, means the 4k video gets cropped to 1080p, thus loosing the extra pixels I had and making it completely pointless filming in 4k in the first place.


      It's my understanding that a lot of people use a higher resolution than sometimes needed when filming, so they can crop / stabilize the footage without loosing the quality...but how are they doing this?

      Any help with this is greatly received