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    Getting CC apps


      So we've signed up and paid for the first month of CC Creative Suite - sure would be nice to be able to actually get and use the apps!

      The training videos show some nice features - wish I could actually see the apps that I've already been charged for.


      Confirmation email had the following:


        Sign in to Adobe.com with your Adobe ID to access all of your Creative Cloud apps and services.

        Select "Desktop" under "Apps" to install the app you need. The Creative Cloud app will be installed automatically if you don’t already      have it.

        Use the Creative Cloud app to find information about updates, view release notes, connect with community and manage synced files.


      However when I do this all I get is a page showing the apps, with a "download trial" option.


      I've logged in & it recognizes me. I've received a confirmation of payment email - and now I'm supposed to download a "trial" version?