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    AAE: how to track eyes to position photos of my face




      I have been taking photos of my face for already more than two years. Now I am trying to create a short movie with those pictures.
      My problem: although I tried to take identical photos I am always positioned a little bit different than the day before.


      Until today I used some really basic programs: a foil on my monitor and Paint to move the picture to the right place, Irfanview to trim the pictures and finally Moviemaker to create the movie. You can imagine how much effort it is if you have to deal with more than 800 photos.


      That's why I thought I could try it with Adobe After Effects using the tracking function. I already watched several tutorials and read some instructions but because I want to create a movie composed of photos and not movie-clips I didn't find a way how to deal with the problem. My idea was that AAE finds both my eyes, moves the picture to the right position and resizes it if necessary. Finally it should trim all pictures to get a proper shape.
      Do you know if that's possible with After Effects or is there another program I should use?


      Thanks for your help,


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Won't work. you have to do it manually. AE has no way to detect features across temporally and spatially inconsistent data, which a time-lapse sequence is. There are a few experimental programs out there, but they are usually not publicly available and only research. AE can help you with the scaling and warping by using blending modes liek Difference or reducing opacity just as effects like Mesh Warp or Optics Compensation may be useful for correcting intra-image warping and lens distortion, but it would still require a lot of manual work. Likewise, the panorama merge and Merge to HDR in Photoshop could potentially be used to create some baseline layered PSDs with aligned layers, but you will still have to fine tune everything later.



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            eandy Level 1

            Thank you very much Mylenium!