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    After Effects Cache Folder location keeps changing

    Cache Location

      Hello -


      We have a non-traditional set up for After Effects at our network.  We have five HP Z800s and two HP Z820s that are primarily accessed through Windows Remote Log In.  Each user (we have 25) has a unique user name and password. 


      The first time the user logs on to After Effects they set up their cache location to a specified folder labeled AE CACHE on one of the computer's drives (not the C Drive which just holds applications.)  This allows us to media manage each machine by just deleting the contents in the Cache folder once a week.


      Over the past six to twelve months or so we have noticed that users' cache location change from that D: drive back to their user folder within the C Drive.  This obviously quickly and dangerously fills up the C Drive.  I am using WinDirStat to go through the C Drive finding cache that was moved to the C Drive.


      I can't explain it.  I've had editors raise the amount of Cache that can be stored to the drive, deleted the Cache folder and created a new one and tried a different location...yet every once in a while a users cache folder returns to the C Drive.  It's not every user either, some haven't had any issues.


      I understand we are in a unique situation with our remote log in, but if anyone has encountered anything like this and found a solution I'd really appreciate hearing about it.  I'm at a loss.


      Thank you.