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    Same fonts don't work between computers


      Hey, so we work at a magazine across 6 iMacs (they vary in age, but all are running the latest version of OSX and are under 2 years old). All 6 are running the latest version of InDesign CC and we're running into this problem.


      I'll lay out a page using a font, but when my coworker (who has the same font installed) opens the page, everything is pink. He uses the find font thing that opens and sure enough, the font is available on his system, but for some reason InDesign is reading it as a different font. So, he chooses it, tells it to replace, and everything's fine. If this were an occassional thing, it'd be fine, but it seems to happen with every document.


      I've noticed that on his computer, InDesign tends to attach the file extension to the font name (i.e. - one my system it displays the font as "Century Schoolbook" but on his system it displays it as "Century Schoolbook (TT)"). I'm pretty sure that's the problem, I can't find any other reason why InDesign would read the same font (I've packaged my document and had him install all the fonts in the font folder and he still has this problem) across 2 machines differently. Is there a way to turn this off?