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    GPS metadata settings on preset LR 5.7


      I have the 5D MKIII and just acquired the GP-E2, after taking some sample pictures the GPS info does not show in GPS part of metadata.  In reading the forum and other sources, I may be missing something in setting up the preset, based on hints that it may be the preset.  I would appreciate it if someone who has this working show me exactly how to fill in the GPS portion of the preset to get this info to show in the map function.  The images do have the GPS info because I see it in the Bridge software.

      Thank YOU

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          robgendreau Level 3

          Which preset are you speaking of? I have one called "geoencoding," but I'm not sure if that was a LR preset or one created with a plugin I have added.


          I would think if GPS is in photo metadata (RAW XMP or JPEG) and shows up in Bridge it would be available in LR as well; it's in a standard place in the data (GPS IFD I think). Maybe you didn't refresh or reload the metadata for the photos in LR, so it doesn't know it's there? You shouldn't have to manually fill in anything; it should just be there as written by the camera. To test, take a photo that does not have geolocation info and add some in the Map module by just picking a location at random. If that works then look at the info in the Library module under metadata "EXIF and IPTC."