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    Resetting an image control

      When one assignes Image.source using a Bitmap reference the Image's properties (primarily the read only properties such as contentWidth etc. to do with the height and width of an image) are not reset (using the information in the Bitmap) as a result it is virtually impossible to get the results required.

      I'll try and explain the problem:
      When you use:

      Image1.source = "SomeUrlHere"

      The internal properties of the image (particularly to do with width and height aspects of the image) get reset to those from the source just loaded.

      However, if you use:
      Image1.source = SomeBitmapReference

      You don't get the same behaviour. This has an imapct if you intend to use the same Image control over and over for many images. An example of such a use would be a bunch of thumbnails in an image gallery that when clciked on show up full size in the "main" image control. Of course all images don't have the same height and width and nor do they have the same width to height ratio. The main image control in this case sizes to a smaller and smaller size and eventually sizes down to zero. If you use the url to the image (instead of a Bitmap reference) everything works as expected.

      In my mind this is a bug. However if anyone has a work around this or solution to this I'd appreciate it tremendously.