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    Downloaded latest Flash update, Windows says it cannot use the file path


      I have Win 7 Starter on a net-book, and my user is the admin. I've never had trouble installing Adobe Flash because it normally takes care of itself once I get the update process going.


      Over the course of the week, I've tried to update Flash Player repeatedly. I'm annoyed.
      I download the binary file, and it's 1 MB in size (Is this correct when the download page says it's going to be 17 MB?), I try to run the binary file only to receive a pop-up saying "Windows cannot access the specified path, device, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
      The .exe file does not have the usual Adobe icon, only a generic file icon.


      Also, when I'm on the Adobe website, on the Flash download page, I have to repeatedly re-authorize the computer to "use" the Flash version that is momentarily installed and I'm not sure if this is causing some kind of trouble with the download. It takes a few minute to even get the page to cough up the file because Firefox is blocking Flash which is blocking Adobe.

      How do I get Flash to just update?