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    Working with LUT's in Premiere

    samsan Level 2



      What is the least power hungry way to work with LUT's in Premiere?


      I have the Red Giant LUT buddy and there's also the Lumetri Looks plugin inside Premiere. Which do you prefer?


      I've noticed that with the Lumetri looks Premiere hangs for 10-30 seconds when I apply the effect and when I change positions on the timeline. On the other hand playback can be on full quality with no problems.


      The Red Giant LUT buddy however cant handle full hd playback, but it doesnt choke.

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          Peferling Level 4

          Not really a direct answer but I have a suggestion or tip that might help.  After I've done all my basic edits and I'm ready to grade and finish, I will render my edit to an uncompressed or high res file.  Then I will import that rendered output into a new project, create an adjustment layer and apply things like Lumetri to that adjustment layer.  This has three benefits.  1) it's much quicker and more responsive since PPro doesn't have to resolve an edit stack prior to the FX, which leads to 2) I will have more system RAM available for the effect, and 3) I can tweak the opacity of the adjustment layer to blend or limit the effect if needed.

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            samsan Level 2

            I only have one video and one audio track with about 1 hour of footage. Everytime I load the sequnce with the Lumetri look it hangs for about 10-20 seconds.


            Is this a bug?

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              Peferling Level 4

              What do you mean by "load the sequence"?  Are you importing the sequence into another project, or do you do mean when you double click on it in the bin to gain focus?


              With one active video track It should it almost instant then.  (While the media file is playing, you should be able to switch the effect on and off without any hesitation).


              What media/formats are you working with?  What happens if you try this without the audio or the audio track switched off?

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                Peferling Level 4

                Forgot to ask, is this a nested sequence with multiple clips/edits or this a sequence with just one continuous clip and no additional edits in the FX stack?

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                  samsan Level 2

                  I have multiple sequences in one project, changing between them cause this hang. In the sequences I have multiple clips on video track 1 and adjustment layer with Lumetri looks on video track 2, no additional FX. Very simple.

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                    Peferling Level 4

                    "multiple clips", "multiple sequences" in same project. PPro has to calculate everything in the sequence and on the effects stack before it will display the result.  This is why I leave grading/final look treaments as a last step in post treatment project, (after all editing is done).  If don't want to do that and yet you don't want lag, then something's gotta give. Turn down the playback resolution to 1/2 or 1/4 in the program monitor window -its the same as using a proxy.

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                      samsan Level 2

                      I understand what you're saying but why doesn't any other plugin cause this? I have other sequences and projects with loads more effects stacked, very complex timelines but only Lumetri does this lag / hang.


                      Like I said in my original post doing the exact same thing but using Red Giant Lut buddy doesnt cause Premiere to hang for 10-20 sec when changing from sequence to sequence.

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                        Peferling Level 4

                        Then I would use Red Giant. Whatever works for you in your pipeline.

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                          samsan Level 2

                          Hehe, well that's the problem. Lumetri gives me full quality playback. Red Giant doesn't freeze but only plays at half quality. If I could get Lumetri to function properly it'd be a win win. Hence my questions...

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                            samsan Level 2

                            OK! So I've stumbled upon something here. After scouring the internet I found a hint that Cuda vs. OpenCL might have something to do with this. And indeed it had. Changing my render engine from OpenCL to Cuda I now have much better performance with the Lumetri plugin! Works a lot better!

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                              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Glad to hear. Adobe seems to be working very hard to get OpenCL up to speed but still a lot of things seem to do better in Cuda. My computer builder is a huge fan of OpenCL as within gaming circles that is used for amazing video processing on-the-fly. He is hoping that soon Adobe will work just as well there ... as there's a LOT of low/mid-price AMD vid-cards that have awesome OpenCL performance but aren't Cuda enabled, I think is the deal. Anyway, he's "my" expert, I just tell him when my beastie isn't beastie enough.