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    help me plzz

    wadd el nile

      hello there,,I seem to be having a problem with this can you help me? I opened it and it says “After Effects: this project must be converted from Version 9 (Macintosh Intel) and will open as an untitled project. Standard Definition pixel aspect ratios will be updated for compatibility and improved accuracy. The orginal file will be unchanged.” after that I click ok and it says 14 files aren’t working. All this different stuff haha Im working this on a PC anything you do to help? Thank you.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The message is just informing you that you are converting a project created with an old version of After Effects (CS4, to be specific).

          The other message you get sounds like it's warning you about missing footage, but since you weren't specific with the wording, it's hard to tell. It's likely just not connected to the footage that it used to use. You'll need to point AE to the files' location on your machine.