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    LR 5.7 problem adding external editor


      Computer is iMac, Mac OS X 10.9; Lightroom 5.7. I use Photoshop CS6, Photoshop Elements 13 and numerous products from vendors such as Topaz Labs, OnOne Software etc. I recent installed a new product from one of these vendors and it is working fine in CS6 and PSE13. I can't get it to work properly in LR5.


      When I right click on a photo in LR5 and select Edit In I see a menu of external editors. At the top are CS6 and PSE13. Below that is some type of dividing line and below the line is a list of the other products I have installed. When I follow the procedure to add the new product it is added in place of PSE13, above the dividing line and PSE13 is gone. If I re-add PSE13 it replaces the product I added previously. I would like the menu to show CS6 and PSE13 above the dividing line and everything else below it which is they way things were before I installed this latest product. I am not sure what the dividing line signifies but it would be great if there is way to control where a new external editor is placed. The products below this line are listed in alphabetic order.


      How can I install this new product and have it listed below the dividing line and keep CS6 and PSE13 above the line?