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    Flash installation file doesn't run at all


      A week ago, I tried downloading and installing Flash Player. But when I clicked on the downloaded Installer file, it would launch the registration wizard for an old trial version of MATLAB from Mathworks that I had on my MacBook (Retina, running Yosemite), instead of installing the Player.


      Then I removed MATLAB. However, when I click on the installer now, it doesn't install, but instead just displays a view of a bunch of text that starts with..


      BZh11AY&SYfëÑè Œ–@     1 î=FëP:‰√≈‹ëN $ §a#¿BZh11AY&SYgfi¯m  î¯P§@ Ä·BH¶Ø‹ @  u î»h2d44

      =F‘ J 54dhh  iqßr˝Y@ä€"ËJÁôP D


      Help! Thanks