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    Skip Logic for Rating Scale




      I've run into a problem in trying to use skip logic to redirect recipients based on their answers to a ratings scale.


      My forms asks if people have experience (yes or no) in one or more of a list of five fields. I'm using a rating scale rather than a series of single choice fields because I want to have alternating row colors.


      For each of those fields where experience is indicated, I want to redirect recipients to a page for follow-up on that specific field in order.

      In the example below, this Question is asked on Page 9, and the next question is on Page 15, with follow up pages for each field on Pages 10-14.

      [ follow up page]FieldYesNo
      10Construction Labourx
      12Heavy Equipmentx

      Using the above example, each of these fields has a follow up page, but I want my respondent to skip right to the next section if they have no experience in any field. So for example if they say Yes to Construction Labour and Engineer, they will go to those two follow up pages in order, skipping the ones that do not apply to them.

      The logic is set up on Page 10 so that if Construction is Yes, go to Page 10, if No go to Page 11.

      On Page 11, the rule is to go on to Page 12 if Trades is No

      And so on.

      The problem is that Page 11 appears regardless - like the form is not applying the conditional logic until after the page is displayed, as if the earlier command is prioritized over the latter. I want the form to apply the rule before the page displays and skip it automatically if Trades is also No.

      I've tried everything I can think of - any ideas on how I can get this set up using the more colorful rating scale, or am I resigned to switching to five separate multiple choice questions? Will that even solve the problem?